Welcome to V8PR.uk!

V8PR.uk is the new home of Witch eLiquid - We were prompted to launch early due to changes with PayPal's policies, which are effecting the whole vaping industry - please bear with us :)

V8PR.uk is a brighter, larger and more functional website - We hope you enjoy it!

We will be running weekly/monthly/yearly promotions and a very healthy rewards program is almost ready.

For our existing customers, Witches Brew is still available at V8PR.uk but now in new "Shortfill" bottles, please feel free to use the discount code "V8PR" for 20% off your first order!

We couldn't transfer over account data due to GDPR, so you will have to make a new account and if you have ANY questions whatsoever, click the blue chat button (bottom right of all pages) for help with ANY problems.